is one of the programs that are indispensable in the facilities that are working to sell retail and features dedicated to POSYS lite that is very easy.


It can be used depending on the type of activity and any firm works with scanning devices to read barcodes and in line with sales and cashier systems Accessories.

This system features numerous advantages.

Suitable For All Shops

• User Friendly windows based.
• Flexible Pricing, Promotions and Discounts
• Multiple Payment Options (Cash, CC, Gift Vouchers, Mixed)
• Bar Code Reader, Touch Screen, Cash Drawer, Weight Scale Support
• Bar Code Generation for Each Unit of Measure
• Support Multiple Vendor Barcodes for Each Item
• Flexible Sales Returns (Full Invoice or Select Items)
• Bar Code Generation and Printing on Invoice Printout
• Handling Multiple Invoices Concurrently
• Shift Management Facility
• Reconciliation of Cash Drawer (Cash, Checks, CC)
• Opening And Closing Day Process
• Summary Shift Sales Report
• Works Offline with (Immediate) Synchronization with HO
• VAT ready repots combined Purchase and sales.
• All kind report such as profit, sales summery, purchase, expenses, payments/receipts, Outstanding payable/receivable

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Suitable For All Shops
Easy Setup
Easy Updates